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About Us

About O's

We’re a crew of health-conscious, hyper-intentional, uber-punctual foodies that’s fully committed to fueling your day right. We started off as a small staff in a Williamsburg basement, squeezing to our hearts’ content. We’ve since (thankfully!) outgrown our basement and expanded our range of products to include juices, protein shakes and salads.

But let’s not make this about us. This is about you. Because we get it - you care about your health, but you also care about so many other things. You’ve got a lot on your plate, and 24 hours is not enough to do it all. That’s why we’re up pressing, squeezing, juicing and chopping well before the crack of dawn. We deliver the freshest of foods and drinks, straight to your door. It comes to your door because we know that your time is just too important to be busy with parking and grocery pick-ups. So, relax. We got this.

What Can We Do For You?

Glad you asked.

Eating well is about so much more than good food. Don’t get us wrong – good food is great. But eating well should also be about firing up your body in all the right ways. The unfortunate reality is that 90% of Americans don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. That’s why we’ve loaded up our foods and drinks with antioxidants and nutrients for a surefire way to boost your health, immunity, and mood.

Whether you’re looking to take a small step in the right direction or you’re a self-proclaimed health nut, odds are you can use some O’s in your life. So go ahead, take a look at what we’ve got to offer.

A Word From Tanya

Anyone who follows me knows that I see food choices as a lifestyle, not diet. Your food should work for you and with you, not the other way around.

That’s why O’s is a fantastic companion to your health journey. I’m all about attainable goals, and their selection of ready-to-go, nutrient-dense juices, shakes and salads will help you accomplish yours. O’s salads and drinks are convenient, delicious, and Tanya-approved. Plus, they’re prepared fresh so they retain their nutrients. Whether your goal is weight loss, preventative measures, or improved health, I trust O’s to help you achieve it.

Enjoy, Tanya

A Doctor's Note

From the time we wake up in the morning until we eat lunch, we should exclusively eat fruits. Ideally, these fruits should be consumed as a juice, rather than in their whole form. This rids the body of toxins, which helps cleanse and energize the system.

Once the energy returns to the cells, the body can repair, heal, and regenerate itself. Juicing throughout the day is highly recommended as well, since it produces a concentrated form of live vitamins and minerals and promotes accelerated healing. While you obviously can’t eat five pounds of carrots a day, you can reap those nutritional benefits by juicing them.

- Dr. Chris Limoges, N.D.

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